Our Services

Our primary service is to provide advice and hands-on help with developing complex software projects, including cloud architectures.

(tl;dr) Some ways we could help:

  1. Provide your teams with Senior advice, perhaps as simple as performing Pull-Request (PR) reviews
  2. Developing workflows to help solve problems
  3. Develop a strategy to get your projects completed and deployed reliably
  4. Improve your cloud infrastructure and security
  5. Control spiraling costs in your cloud infrastructure

If you need help with anything mentioned on this page, please reach out so we can help.

Staff Augmentation and/or Developing MVPs

Whether you’re adding help to existing team or need help creating an MVP: we can help.

0xA can either handle the project entirely on our own or work within an existing team and defined scope to help the project succeed.


Automation is key to making your team as productive as they can be, but it can take a massive amount of time to configure and test that automation.

0xA can work with your team to setup automated linting, testing, and deployment pipelines to increase your development velocity.

Cloud Consulting

The cloud can be overwhelming both in complexity and cost.

0xA can help with identifying places where things can be improved and prioritizing the work based on your needs.

Whether that’s providing more robust security and audit trails or trying to reduce spiraling costs in your projects.

If you need help with anything mentioned on this page please reach out to us and let’s talk about how 0xA can help you